Eliminating fattening foods from meals

I've been working on checking the labels on foods and getting ideas for food to select for the plan.  One thing I must decide like us all, is what do you do with all the fattening foods I have now and love.

Do you trash them?  Eat them as a way of saying goodbye and fond memories? Hope that someone else in the house will eat them and pretend that they are not there?

Clearing out that fridge and the freezer is another mine field. Do I really WANT to stop eating all this? That answer is no. What I want is to better use the foods I have and use them to my advantage.

With every gain there must be some loss, so some of the foods have to go. I have to make some room anyway.

I'll be changing out fats from the recipes with either lower fat content items or eliminating/reducing the fat bearing object from the recipe.  I can already see that this will work in many cases. I will also be using spices and nonfat additives to further it along and retain some flavor.

A quick check on some recipes and labels indicate that I will have to watch the usual suspects: butter, oils, meats, nuts, dressings/sauces, milk and cheese.  By lowering the amounts and substitution I should be able to reduce calories and fat content without a huge hit on taste.

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