Juicing tips for a succesful start

Here are some juicing tips and tricks that can make juicing a better experience, cheaper and easier for you. When you start juicing there are many choices and some decisions to make.

It's easy to watch Joe Cross's movie and plunge ahead. That would be a mistake. Like most diet plans or a diet change, you should research and do some planning.

  1. TAKE VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS FOR AT LEAST 3 DAYS BEFORE YOU START. This makes a big difference.  Consider something like three times your daily vitamins, taken over the course of the day.
  2. Don't run out and spend hundreds on a juicer.  Ask your friends and family if they have a juicer, you might be surprised. Check second-hand shops for deep discounts. Look at other brands of juicers.
  3. There are several types of juicers. Some are noisy and some are not.  Prices are across the board.
  4. Don't run out and buy pounds and pounds of vegetables and fruits.  Try small amounts first.  They go off faster than you might think.  Juice the veggies cold.
  5. Pick about 6 recipes to start. This will reduce costs and decision making. When you find 3 you like, think about stopping there for a week.
  6. To start, you don't need the organic veggies.  That can come later.
  7. Use plastic bags (old shopping bags work great) as liners in the "pulp" or trash side of the extractor.
  8. Place a napkin under the spout area. It drips usually.
  9. Don't make big batches of juice, they go "off" quickly.
  10. Wash everything well.  Including between leaves, such as lettuce or greens. 
  11. Clean the washable parts of juicer immediately after each use. Send unit parts though dishwasher each night. NOT THE MOTOR.
  12. Do a hand scrub of the pulp chamber. It will develop a film that is tough to get off.  Look for a discoloration.
  13. Add a pinch of salt to the juice.
  14. Buy some canned or bottled juices for a backup for when you get "the urge" to eat something, but don't or can't bring out the juicer.
  15. Avoid excessive fruit or fruit juice.  Think about weaning yourself away from the sugar.
  16. Get a juicing buddy.
  17. Install a diet tracker on your phone. Pick one that shares the info with buddies. This makes for some fun and encouragement.
  18. Allow enough time to juice.  Takes about 15 minutes plus, when you count in the cleaning.
  19. Try adding these ingredients to your juice for extra zip. Hot sauce, salt, pepper, lemon/lime juice or almost any spice.
  20. Drink it fast and right after you make it.  Most of the juices are not "sippers". Many will separate quickly and discolor.
  21. Don't miss any juice meals.  If anything, juice your brains out during the first three days.
  22. Yes, you will be peeing a lot.  It will pass soon. Look to about day four for it slow down.
  23. Take vitamins with the juicing.  Don't stop.  Add B12 and vitamin D.
  24. Don't be tempted to save the pulp.  That is again another time and place.
  25. How much weight do you lose? If you stay true and do not eat anything. Seriously, eat nothing solid. You will be about 3/4 to 1 lb. a day.  Takes about four days to really start.  The early weight loss is mainly water.  Remember the peeing reference in line 17?
  26. Weigh your self every three days, not daily.  Trust me on this one.
  27. Meals away from home are tricky. Plan ahead and try different approaches. Go larger on the drinks (16oz or larger), why?, because it is easier to miss your meals, this helps stop the hunger/cheating.

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