Top Diet, Health and Fitness Apps for phones and home

Losing weight and staying fit gets tougher these days, we are bombed with food ads, our daily lives get us out of the sunlight and excersise time keeps getting squeezed. . Counting calories is only a part of maintaining a diet. challenge. Managing your diet and caloric intake and knowing your nutrional intake is more important, you need to know your eating habits, what you eat and you must be able to track it.  Goals are just as important to chart a course of action.

Smartphone apps and computer/web applications are the answer

The number of nutrition and diet related apps available for phones, tablets and compters is mind boggling. Not all apps and programs track the same things. Some components will be more important to you and less to others, so there is no "one size fits all."  Here's my list of good points.  The ability to:

  • input your vital statistics
  • record/track food intake
  • track overall progress
  • define goals
  • motivation, food/excersise thoughts or other pointer suggestions
  • track nutrients
  • track and/or suggest excersise with calorie burned information
  • food label scanning
  • use intergrated social networking
  • backup data and/or upload to a server
  • enter in custom foods
  • enter in supplements or medicines taken
  • see your BWI and resting metabolic rate
  • reports, charts and graphs
  • the ability to print out records for you or health care provider

Where's my list of some of the best apps for healthy living for someone that's interested in diet, nutrition, exercise, bodybuilding/weight lifting. (in no order)
  1. Myfitnesspal
  2. Jefit
  3. Calorie Counter
  4. Noom Weight Loss Coach
  5. Cardiotrainer
  6. Diet and food tracker
  7. Fitday (web app)
  8. Diet Power 4.4 (desktop)
Best of all . . They are all FREE.

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