Eating low or no fat

After looking over the food list and doing some internet surfing, it is clear that the POW meals were almost fat free. Since meat and diary items were limited and/or scare there was little to supply fat in the diet. By tradition, Japanese meals are lower in fat. Trying to wean myself away from food I like and reducing portions is going to be tough.

I'll search my pantry and the grocery store and see what items I can include that will help achieve an ultra-low fat diet. I'm looking for items that will fit into this plan, some will of course not be true POW foods.  Nutritional attention is important as I am not into getting sick. Beriberi was a real life threating ailment for POWs brought on by lack of the vitamin thiamine from their poor meals. An interesting book on Beriberi can be read HERE. Other diseases such as dysentery and Pellagra affected them.

I'm also looking into how the GI's that were repatriated were treated.
Interesting reading on potatoes here.

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