The Experience Purpose and Goals

I have formed my own opinions about how your body handles surplus food or the lack of food.  Over the years I have been interested in the effect lack of food and water would have on the body.  Recent climatic changes have effected the otherwise normal (for that area) lives of many.  I have lived where food and water is plentiful and within easy gasp, in fact food is almost hard to avoid.
I have read about the lack of food on prisoners of war from various time frames.  Recently I was reading about the food rations POW's survived on in WWII at the hands of the Japanese.  These POW's in many cases were forced into heavy labor and endured conditions that are hard to describe.

I believe the primal human body is still functioning as it was designed to function.  We, as modern man have failed to realize the cause and effect of abundant and adulterated food on the body.  The simple fact the body stores food during times of surplus in the form of fat and arterial plaque is a given.  The key to better health maybe that we as humans fail to trigger the opposite effect (the consumption of the stored fact and plaque).

So with the aforesaid in mind I will be blending these views and thoughts into a loose plan. I have no intention of becoming sick. Multivitamins and good sense are in the mix. 180 lbs. is my planned stopping point. My goal is to base meals, foods and drinks upon the food served POW's, modern diets and my personal tastes.  The reduction of fats is a key part. Portions will go up and down accordingly.

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