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People have a love affair with food. Be it salty, fatty, crunchy, sweet or bitter it nourishes our body and soul.  Then why does it seem to hate us so?  If it's not making us fat, it's giving us upset stomachs, achy body parts, gas, the jitters and/or disease.  Is it us or the food?

It's really both.  You probably have gotten in some bad food habits and need to address them in order to be successful at weight control.  A friend of mine for instances eats his 1/2lb hamburgers in about 4 bites in about one minute.  It always amazed me.  He said he enjoyed his food but I just can't believe it.  Regardless the burger was in chunks in his stomach and his body would now spend eternity digesting it.

Now I was a big eater.  Buffets made no money on me and when I brought along a friend to dine with, I think they may have actually lost money.  Overeating of course is always a no-no.  I saw once on some third rate television movie that one day maybe will have food flavored candy.  It may be science fiction now but one day it will surely happen.  So what do we do now? What should I do to help me lose weight?

10 things to loose weight and tame your food cravings and appetite

  1. Get smaller plates and bowels.  My bowls served 16oz and my plates served Fred Flintstone. That is of course if I used them.  Many times I used a mixing bowl or an old Cool Whip container. Get new bowls that hold about 12oz and throw out the the plastic crap you have collected.
  2. Eat ice.  Growing up down south, I remember that was a thing everyone did.  I have a friend that sucks on ice after dialysis. Ice gives you something to chew on and has no calories.  Give it a try.
  3. Eat soups and serve them HOT!  Eating a hot soup forces you slow down.  The soup being mainly water helps to fill you up.  Soup are good for you and many are low fat..
  4. Need some snacks, try these.  Popcorn, fried pork rinds, kale chips, nuts, pumpkin seeds, rice cakes, pickles, olives and pickled jalapeno peppers just to name a few.
  5. Drink fluids.  Your going to have to balance sweet and salt intake here for many drinks.  Tomato juice (low sodium) makes a great morning or snack drink. Flavored waters are both inexpensive and taste good. Stay away from diet drinks, the super concentrated sweetener in them will only make matters worse.  Tea is a great choice served either hot or cold.  Water of course is always available.  Coffee should be consumed in limited quantities, decaffeinated is better for weight managment.
  6. Clean out the fridge and the cabinets.  Now is the time to make a donation to the food bank and start your healthy eating. Haven't washed the fridge lately? Now is your chance.  Be brutal.  If it's expired throw it out.  If you have two, throw one away.  If you haven't eaten, squirted or spread it on something in the last 3 months throw it out.  Leftovers are now trash, throw them out. Throw out the ice and wash the ice caddy, your drinks will taste better.  Don't forget to look under the drawers.  Remember the soda and milk that spilled several weeks ago?  Yeah, its growing arms done there.  Got a UFO (Unidentifiable Frozen Object)in the freezer? Chuck it. Look at the labels on the items in your pantry.  If it has poor nutrition donate it or chuck it.
  7. Don't buy "diet" or "light" salad dressing.  The stuff is almost always loaded with salt and the calories are almost the same as the regular dressing.  Make your own low fat/low sodium dressings.  There are recipes here on this site.  The high salt makes you want more of everything and will cause water retention. Not to mention most taste like crap.
  8. Don't try to cut all the fat.  While you want to cut down on fat, trying to cut it all out will only make it worse.  Some vitamins need fat in order to dissolved.  Fat is what we like to eat.  Try cutting in half first.
  9. Never say "Just a taste."  Either don't do it all or plan to eat some.  Those "tastes" add up fast and you still will not be satisfied.  If your hungry, eat a snack size and be done with it.
  10. Limit alcohol and any other habits that make you crave food.  
Remember there are calories in almost everything we eat.  We should not associate food with comfort and happiness.  It's purpose is to nourish us. Start training yourself that food is better for you when it is consumed because you are hungry and not just to be kind or because some "event" happens.

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