Salt Water Colon Flush With Recipe

The flush is phase two of The Master Cleanse Diet.  The salt water flush is a great colon cleanser.  It's one of the safest homemade colon cleanse.  The salt water’s salinity is the same as the body’s salinity, so none of the water gets absorbed into the body. It just passes right through you and out through your colon. Because of the amount of salt consumed, if you have high blood pressure you should ask your doctor before trying. 

Mix 1 Liter (32 oz.) of warm water with 2 level teaspoons of unrefined sea salt.  Shake or stir the salt water flush well, then drink the entire container of salted water. It might be hard to down, but can be done in a few minutes.
While waiting for the bowel movement, try your best to avoid releasing “gas,” especially if you are in the office or in a place far away from home. Otherwise, you will find yourself embarrassed and looking for the nearest toilet.  It is recommended to wait about 30 minutes after drinking the salt water before going to the bathroom.
You’ll start to feel the salt water flush moving in your bowels as the salt water moves through you. You might even hear some gurgling sounds or feel some pressure.  For the flush to work it takes from about 15 minutes to about two hours.
When you do go to the bathroom, the feeling might be reminiscent of diarrhea.  You most likely will need to go to the bathroom more than once.  You might also find that once on the toilet you might choose to stay there awhile, so only do this flush if you’ll have access to a bathroom nearby.
In the Master Cleanse book, it is noted that if the salt water flush does not work the first time you may need to increase the salt amount slightly and/or drink more water after the solution. Try drinking a 16oz bottle of normal spring water.  This also helps get the salty taste out of your mouth.

Since the salt water flush removes both helpful and harmful bacteria, you should take a probotic later that day after the flush is over to replenish the good bacteria.  Is the Master Cleanse safe? Jennifer Lopez used the Master Cleanse to prepare for a movie.  You can read the entire book here.
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